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Inspiration is Key

Hiii Beauties and Welcome Back!     Inspiration is Key Be Inspired by what you love.  What you want to do. What you have a passion for.  It’s worth it. It’s CRAZY.  It’s long hours.  It’s 6 day work weeks, sometimes 7.  It’s more failures than it is successes.  It’s trial and error.  It’s finding what you love, what you…

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My Trip to The Borgata in Atlantic City NJ

Hiiiii Beauties and Welcome Back to My Blog This past Weekend I went on a small Vacation with my Mom and my Aunt to Atlantic City, New Jersey. My Aunt rented a Car with a Driver to take us on the 4 hour drive to AC and let me say the views were absolutely Gorgeous! The Sky was absolutely breathtaking…

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Beauty From The Sea by Coffee & Mascara

Hiiiii Beauties and Welcome Back to my Blog       Today I’m going to be telling you about my Home Skin Care Routine and what brand do I use.. You guessed it REPECHAGE!!! (I’m a Licensed Esthetician and I will give you tips in this post on how to Care for your skin whether it be with Repechage products…

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