My Trip to The Borgata in Atlantic City NJ

Hiiiii Beauties and Welcome Back to My Blog
This past Weekend I went on a small Vacation with my Mom and my Aunt to Atlantic City, New Jersey.
My Aunt rented a Car with a Driver to take us on the 4 hour drive to AC and let me say the views were absolutely Gorgeous!
The Sky was absolutely breathtaking so I took out my Camera as fast as I could and shot away at this beautiful work of art that we call the Sky!
A couple of hours later when the sky was completely black we finally Arrived at The Borgata
The Borgata is absolutely Beautiful from Outside and It’s even more Beautiful Inside.
The glass doors that lead you in to this Amazing place that you feel like you’ve only ever seen in a Dream


As soon as you walk through the doors you look up and there are these gorgeous Blown Glass Lights and Sculptures; Along with a huge table filled with tons of different flowers that are formed into a work of art. All you can hear is the DING DING DING’s of all of the Slot Machines and I was just completely overwhelmed that this was the place we were staying!
Then to the Check-In Desk we went..


As we were walking to the Check-In desk I couldn’t help but see the Wall hanging right next to Check-In and I was just shocked by all of these Glass Display Boxes that showed Items in the Shoppes that the Borgata offered; The first one I saw was the Display by Carina those Shoes were seriously calling my name; The next display box was by The Borgata Collection the Shoe, the Coffee Cups and the Shot Glasses I wanted them all (I’m a huge sucker for gift shops they always have the cutest stuff, and at the Borgata they had everything, my Aunt was amazing and bought me a White Shoe with a Flower on it I was so happy) The last display box was by Misura a Mens Clothing Shop that they had and they literally had everything a man could want!
While I was looking at all these amazing things my Aunt came over to us and told us we had been Upgraded to a Suite at the Borgata just for coming in. (She’s a Diamond Card holder VIP)
We passed a Lounge right before we got to the Elevators called The Living Room where you could sit and have a cup of coffee or tea and go on your phone or your laptop (Of course I left my laptop at home…) and there were all these comfy cozy Chairs and Couches and Chaise Lounges and behind all if them was a wall with circular lights on it that changed color it was awesome!
All the Decor and Lights and everything at the Borgata was so pretty

<img src="http://2.bp article” width=”300″ height=”400″ border=”0″ />

OMG the Pink Chandelier I still want it so much!
Our Suite was Even Better!

The Suite had two GIANT Queen Size Beds, a really cute Chair & Ottoman, a Couch, a Desk, a Jewelry Cabinet, a Mini Fridge and a GIANT Flat Screen Samsung TV! The Room was amazing and of course it came with a Coffee Machine (LOVE) and an iHome!
Then of course there was my absolute FAVORITE part of the room The Master Bath!

The entire Master Bath was Marble Tile! There was a Vanity on the right, on the left was a Double Sink and then straight ahead was the GIANT Bathtub and to the right of the Bathtub was a HUGE Shower with a Seat and Glass Doors!
I really wanted to take this Bathtub home with me it was GIANT; When I laid down in it to take a bath I couldn’t see over the walls of the Bathtub (Like I said it was huge!)
Once we got all Settled in which I did quickly…
(My Makeup and Skin Care Products)
… It was time for Dinner, Drinks and Slots!

This picture looks so staged like I told the guys to look at the Camera but I really didn’t!
There were so many Slot Machines like Rows and Rows and Rows for days!
And then because there weren’t enough machines there was a Gate with Curtains around it for the High Rollers!


I couldn’t believe it you’d think by this point I would expect anything and everything when it came to the Borgata but no.. no no..
These people at the Slot Machines blowing through $300-$400 in less then 30 minutes!
This one guy was in the High Rollers Section playing $100 machines and he had a Cart next to him with Lobster and Champagne with his own personal Butler and they were feeding him!
Another woman was playing two Slot Machines at ONCE!
I was completely Flabbergasted beyond words!
The good thing is Quarter & Penny Slot Machines, you can sit at them for hours playing $10-$20 and get free drinks all night long, that is one thing I can say I love about Casinos (Haaaha)


Slot Machines and Budweiser (YUM)
…. Needless to say we were at the Slots for a while..

We finally got to go have dinner at 9pm.. 

The Gypsy Bar was so nice; The wall of Liquor Bottles draws you to it! Its very sleek and entertaining and it definitely draws your eyes and all of your attention!


Was the reason we went to Atlantic City in the first place to spend the day with my Three Nieces!
..But First Coffee..
… at the slot machine..
Then my Nieces came!
(It was so good seeing them, I had missed them SO much and it was amazing to see how big they had gotten)
And it was time to go swimming
(yes they have an indoor pool)

So while it was Snowing out at 20 Degrees we were Swimming in a Heated Pool playing with my Nieces and then of course the Hot Tub too, but they couldn’t go in there (they’re way to young)
There were these Windows on the other side of the pool so it legit felt almost like we were outside because it was just a big glass window
(I said to my oldest niece who’s 8 years old that it was weird that we were going swimming while it was snowing and she completely agreed that it was very strange to her too)

After that we went to a late lunch around 2pm and then my cousin came and picked up the girls, we said our goodbyes and my mom and aunt decided to go back to the Penny Machines while I walked around before we left.
After walking around for about an hour..
(YIKES was I tired)
..I went and found my mom and aunt, sat down next to them for a bit and ordered a Borgata Bottle of Water (yeah you read that right)

The Borgata has there own Borgata Bottled Water!

After that I went upstairs to the room, laid on my giant queen sized bed and remembered that the Samsung Galaxy S6 had been announced so I had to go and look..

Shortly after that I fell right to sleep
(those beds and linens were so comfortable I couldn’t help it)My mom and aunt came back up to the room and it was time to get back in the car and go home..
(So 4 1/2 Hours of driving in Snow, Sleet, Ice and behind Snow Plows & Salters)
We finally made it back home at about 10:30pm-11:00pm

All in all though I had an amazing time at the Borgata it was so beautiful, the things I saw, the amazing Gelato (YUM) and having a girls weekend vacation to Atlantic City was the best and I’ll definitely be going back with my Aunt in the near Future!

Thanks for Reading and if you ever go to AC stay at the Borgata you won’t regret it!

Talk to you in my next post Beauties! xo…


Oh wait I forgot here are some Pictures of me from the Trip!



I love these Shoes!






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