Just the Beginning Beauties..

HIIIII Beauties I’d like to Welcome you to my BLOG
Since this is my first blog post I won’t be talking about what Makeup and Skin Care products I use on a daily basis or what my favorite products are. Instead I’m going to share with you a few facts about me and my life just so you can get to know me better as the face behind Coffee & Mascara web link. So lets just jump in full force…!
I’m Jessi, a 25 year old who live in beautiful Hudson Valley NY. I’ve been a licensed Hairdresser and Makeup Artist for six year (almost seven) and just recently this summer went to school for Esthetics (i.e. Skin Care if you don’t know what esthetics is) and am now starting my career in Skin Care. I’m a complete Makeup Junkie, Social Media Junkie, Mascara Snob and Coffee Lover. I could spend days looking at Makeup Tutorials and just in amazement of what some of these people can do!
I’m really not all that different from you I’m a normal girl that loves Hair and Makeup and Fashion (and Bubble Baths can’t forget about them). I love getting into DIY projects and although I’m not the craftiest person in the world I try my best, some come out great and others are just disasters but either way I’m going to share them with you on this Blog and on my Youtube Channel that is still in the making.
This Blog will be about Hair, Makeup, Skin, DIY’s, First Impressions, #ootd’s and much more! (They’ll even may be Giveaways so keep your eyes Open) Subscribe to my Blog via email that way you’ll never miss a post. Without my Coffee and Mascara I couldn’t write this blog, Coffee wakes me up and gets me ready for the day and my Mascara makes me feel beautiful even on those bad days SHOUT OUT TO COFFEE & MASCARA (Yes I’m silly and I love it and hopefully you will too)
Talk to you in my next posts Beauties! xoxo   

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