Coffee & Mascara Presents “30 Days to $1000 Money Saving Challenge”

Hey Beauties and Welcome Back to my Newest Blog Post!
On Pinterest I see all these great ways to save money for Trips and Vacations and tons of other things and there amazing ideas don’t get me wrong, but some people like me will look at that and say I can’t wait a year to have “x” amount of money saved. I need that amount now but how can I do that?! 
So I’ve been looking up ways to save money more quickly because I need to pay my expenses, I’m saving up for a new car (my Jeep, check out Twitter), and a few other things that I want to get in the future PLUS I’m unemployed right now just doing Freelance work!
So I read an article on a Blog by Ramit Sethi the other day and the title of the article was
now if your me you have to read this and I couldn’t believe there were so many great tips to help you save that kind of money in 30 Days!
After I watched the video and read all the tips I realized I could use a ton of those tips to save money in just a month but others didn’t really relate to me as a 25 year old Hairdresser & Makeup Artist… 
I decided I was going to make my own Money Saving Challenge except instead of it being a Year long I shortened it to 30 Days.
Now if your in the Beauty industry or your a Bartender or maybe even a Waitress/Waiter you know that we almost live on our tips and its hard to save them sometimes for something you really want or something you need to pay for; BUT if you do this Money Saving Challenge you’ll have this savings in your bank account or piggy bank or under your mattress for when you really need it! 
So this Challenge is going to look VERY overwhelming when you first look at it but don’t get scared because on top of Ramit’s tips for saving you’ll also get mine! 
Heres my 30 Days to $1000 Money Saving Challenge
… Told you that you’d feel overwhelmed BUT BREATHE because yesterday I started this challenge of mine and how I started it was gathering all of my spare change together and rolling it all! 
(Because Coin Star takes out a percentage and *FUN FACT* I enjoy rolling change when I’m bored.. Except pennies I HATE rolling them they can go into the coin star machine)
So heres how much change I had laying around that I rolled (and put the pennies in a jar)
I rolled $61 in change that was just sitting around my house and I haven’t even been to Coin Star to cash in my Pennies yet, but I made the first 2 days of the Challenge and didn’t take $1 out of my pocket! 
I’m storing all of this in a Arizona Iced Tea Gallon Jug with the challenge posted on the front of the jug to check off days I’ve completed; so that once I hit that amount I can pay my bills or put down the money on my Jeep or whatever I want really! 
I’m also selling things on <a href="http://www.ebay visite″>ebay and things I’ve made on Etsy so I can save money and maybe even Add more then 30 days to this WHO KNOWS?! All I know is it is something to try and if you do it kudos if not oh well! 
Who knows you could be $1,000 richer by the time March is over! 
Thanks for reading and I hope you do this Amazing Challenge with me!
Talk to you in my Next Post Beauties! xoxo

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